#TC2720 Review

I took this course as part of my optional courses, I was always interested in computing from a security standpoint. I was not disappointed by the format of this class, I felt comfortable blogging right away, however I was approached by a couple of my classmates who asked me for advice on blogging. I am aware that not everyone was comfortable with this style of learning which is why I have a couple of suggestions.

  1. Some of the blog posts I made were really “researchey” because the topic is quite technical. Perhaps to avoid these from being too formal or a mere copy paste of information sources, we could have activities on which a student documents what he or she did and writes a couple of notes/opinions/questions about the activity.I think having activities will make the people who don’t like blogging get into it by sharing what they’ve done or their code.
  2. I think open source should be a mastery topic
  3. Perhaps having the first two classes an introduction to blogging for those who are less than thrilled to write posts. Maybe have a look at examples to get them inspired.
  4. Ethics in computing security should be a mastery topic (Uncle Bob’s talk sparked some debate action in class)
  5. We shouldn’t be able to have our laptops open in class unless we’re doing an activity. Each class could be dedicated to looking at material related to the next mastery topic so that the students know where to look/ find good resources /maybe even get inspired.
  6. I think the activities should be included in the rubric



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